Now a days people are finding difficulty ranking up there gigs. In my 2 years of experience with I have researched and applied many tips from pro’s and top seller. So I am going to share some of them for you. I hope these will help you increase impressions and get orders.

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Do not Focus on Quality
Facit: If you can’t provide something, don’t freaking do it. You hurt your own reputation with not only it but also the reputation of Fiverr overall!

Writes itn Non- Personal Way
Facit: One of the biggest points that I continuously touch on in my course and that I want my students to take away from is to focus on proper communication. Communication is even more important when you can not see, smell or hear the person.

Wasted on Unethical Buyers.

Facit: Treat your Fiverr account like a business and if there is a  customer messaging you that you think would not be a GOOD FIT for you and the services you can offer him/her, do not enter a buying-selling relationship with that person. Save yourself a headache. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t Treat Account as a Business

Factit: If someone buys a gig from you, then it is your responsibility to deliver that service and order. The tricky thing is that if someone just sees Fiverr as a hobby’ to just play around a bit, he/she is  making Fiverr sellers bad for someone else who decided to purchase a service from a hobbyist.

Not Following Through with Order

Facit: Don’t accept a purchase and then, not deliver. It will look bad on all Fiverr sellers, and it will hurt your account because you  will get a negative review and/or a cancellation and slowly  potential buyers won’t have any trust in you and  your account anymore.

Importance of Video

Facit: Not taking your account seriously on Fiverr and doing just the minimum to sell potentially your gigs on Fiverr will also just get you that – a mediocre outcome.

Uploading Low-Quality Images

Facit: With all the technology out there nowadays there is really no  excuse for you to use randomly any image that you have on your  desktop. Instead, truly think about it what impression it is that  you want to give your future buyers.

Lack of Social Media

Facit: Don’t just lean back after opening up your account and create a few gigs and expect that magic is going to happen. It is like with everything in life; you have to take ACTION and put yourself out there.

Lacking a Clear Description

Facit: Descriptions full of mistakes or in broken English will have  a drastic impact on your sales or will result in no sales at all.  If you are having troubles with this, you can always hire an experienced editor off of Fiverr ;).

Impossible to Get Sucess on Fiverr
Facit: If you can’t provide something, don’t freaking do it.  You hurt your own reputation with not only it but also  the reputation of Fiverr overall!



  1. Goto the buyer request section and do some research what the buyers are asking for the most according to the gig category. For Example: Search Banners and see what the buyer’s are asking for the most. Make a gig of that and upload.
  2. Don’t just sit and wait for order, Try to change your gig tags weekly ONLY IF YOUR NOT GETTINGS ORDERS.